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  It gives me great pleasure to introduce our website for viewers to obtain valid information about us and our products-services offered. I take this opportunity to heartily welcome all viewers for surfing through our website.

NAGA Limited is one of the upcoming business houses in India starting the operations way back in 1962. Presently, our focused business activities are in foods, detergents and minerals. Our factories are located in Dindigul, Trichy, Vedasandur and Chennai. Our Registered Office is located in Chennai.

Over the years, our flagship company, NAGA Limited Foods has been successfully providing and supplying superior wheat based products like Atta (whole wheat flour), maida and sooji to the various pockets of Tamil Nadu State. The machinery and equipments installed are of high quality delivered by Buhler - Switzerland. As per our diversification plan envisaged long time ago, in 1992 NAGA Limited Detergents was born. This Division is into manufacturing and supplying superior detergent based products like laundry and toilet soaps. Further diversification enabled us to launch NAGA Limited Chemicals in 1995. This Division is grinding minerals like calcite, dolomite, china clay, feldspar, limestone and other minerals. From day one of beginning our operations, our firm belief to "treat every customer as the ultimate king" has helped us create an excellent rapport with every single individual who has come in contact with us in the form of employee, supplier, distributor, client, stakeholder, investor, partner and the list goes on.

Company's consistent quality conscious policy has paid rich dividends enabling the group turnover to reach a respectable figure today. For achieving overall efficiency and productivity, under the corporate planning objective the Company has gone in for Oracle J.D.E licensed Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software. ISO 9000-9001 certification process is going on in full swing and the Company is expecting to get the certification soon.  Decision making process is pretty fast with "paperless office" concept being followed through e-mail mode for all internal communications.

Employees are considered the most important link in achieving overall business objectives.  There are about two thousand employees (in varying skill categories) for the entire group who are, by and large dedicated, focused and committed. I can proudly say these employees not only provide the “brain power force” for optimally and efficiently running the various plants, machineries installed but are also working as a team creating family bond atmosphere, without losing their professional touch.  Periodic seminars and trainings on various aspects like health, safety, general welfare and on other related topics keep the employees conscious of the various policies governing their benefits.   Overall the industrial relations scenario can be termed as warm and welcoming.

The group is ever environment conscious and has made lots of plant saplings at permissible places to add to the green effect. In future also, efforts will be made to preserve and conserve the ecological balances by planting more trees for greening the natural surroundings and also by adding more environment friendly technologies.

Today our country is rapidly forging ahead on economic scales aiming to become a global economic powerhouse in the not too distant future. Lots of opportunities are opening up for established business houses to grow faster. In food processing sector alone, Government of India has envisaged investments to the tune of more than Rs. 50,000 crores.  Similarly, in other sectors as well, large investments are planned. Developed countries are embracing foods manufactured by organic route, offering big opportunities for growth.  Therefore, I foresee a bright future for NAGA Limited in the days to come based on our plans for strengthening on our core competencies and also making best use of the right opportunity that would be presented before us.

I will greatly value your feedback and business propositions for collaborations, venturing into new arenas and further strengthening on our core competencies.

With warmest regards,