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Naga Mills
  Fully automated flour mill supplied and installed by Buhler – Switzerland, with 250,000 tons production per annum, NAGA Limited Foods is the largest wheat milling Company in South India.

In NAGA flour mills, the raw wheat is processed, cleaned, conditioned , cut and ground and milled into a finished product such as Maida, Atta, Sooji and Bran as bi-product. NAGA flour mills have an effective layout machinery. The machine works around the clock 24 hrs a day. The machinery and equipment installed are of high quality delivered by Buhler-Switzerland.

Plant is built in a 7 storey building. It is such a way that the expansion of capacity can be made easily. It is placed in an area of 3 acres, touching National highway. This makes transportation easier.

Qualified and experienced miller appointed are always guiding the support staff to give their best. Wheat being the sole raw material is procured from the best wheat growing states of India. Depending upon the favourable government policies, import of wheat from prime foreign sources are also done periodically. Arrangement exists for transportations of wheat from sea ports, railways (for container wagon) and leading transporters for road carriers.

We as an uprising organization are offering a large variety of wheat products all over Tamilnadu. All these products are very nutritional and free from all impurities as well. Some of them are as follows: Wheat Atta, Wheat Maida, Sooji, Rava, Flakes and Wheat Bran.

Our company is one of the reputed companies that provide a wide range of wheat Flour/Maida all around Tamil Nadu. These Maida and flour are made up of pure wheat that is highly nutritional and healthy in nature. Advanced infrastructure and latest equipment are free from all impurities and are hygienic. These are used in making various food items like breads and biscuits, parottas and pizzas etc. We produce our Maida in a variety brands such as Naga, Amman, Perumal, Mercury, Diamond, Kovil, Jupiter, Red Hills, plain Maida and Bubbly Bubbly Maida to cater the various needs of different food segments.

As a well known company, we specialize in offering a wide range of wheat Atta all over Tamil Nadu. This wheat Atta is made up of high quality golden wheat that is acquired from high grade cultivators as well as retailers. The Atta consist of supreme grade nutritional value and are processed under hygienic conditions to deliver unmatched quality Atta.

Sooji or Rava
With our vast experience and knowledge , we are now presenting a wide range of Wheat Sooji all over Tamil Nadu used for making dishes like Halwa, Idly, Dosa, Uppma, Laddu etc. we are one of the companies that offer a wide range of fresh Rava. These are made up of high quality wheat from top most cultivators as well as retailers, latest technologies and advanced equipment are used in processing these products.

Bran and Flakes
As a well known company we specialize in offering bran and flakes to all over Tamil Nadu. Bran, also known as miller's bran, is the hard outer layers of cereal grain. It consists of combined aleurone and pericarp. Wheat bran is one of the best food items we are offering at cost effective rates. The bran consists of high grade nutritional components like proteins, vitamins and starch as well. These products are used for feeding cattle and are extremely good for health and highly demanded by our clients.

We are also producing flakes to cater to the needs of the feed industry.

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